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Photo of the month: April 2020

Spring has started and so have the black woodpeckers. To be more precise, they've started building a nest. In a large beech in the North of The Netherlands directly besides a walking path they've decided for the best nest spot. Male and female both take part in the heavy work of chopping the nest cavity. A process that has taken them more than a week. And heavy work it is. This is especially clear when you take a closer look at the chips that have fallen out of the cavity after a days work.


Photo of the month: March 2020

The first signs of Spring are in the air. Memories of the trip to Spain come back. A trip were I had the opportunity to make photos of black-winged stilts with a nest with one egg. Parental care in optima forma.


Photo of the month January 2020: scarlet macaw

The trip to Costa Rica in the Spring of 2019 was a beautiful experience . Therefore I chose a photo from this journey as photo of the month of January 2020. The photo shows two scarlet macaws fighting for the defense of their territory. The resulting explosion of vivid colors was impressive to see.

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Photo of the month September 2019: magenta-throated woodstar

Our trip to Costa Rica earlier in 2019 was a beautiful experience . Therefore I chose a photo from this journey as photo of the month of September 2019. The photo shows a male magenta-throated woodstar, a hummingbird of 10 cm length. The photo is taken using natural light, so no flashes or other artificial light. The advantage (some call ik a disadvantage) is that the shutter speed of the camera is the speed-limiting factor leaving the wings blurred due to their high speed and frequency. The magenta-coloured throat of the male is oen of the most spectacular parts of this species plumage.


Photo of the month June 2019: European honey buzzard

The scarce and shy honey buzzard unexpectedly appeared before our forest photography hide in the southern part of The Netherlands. Waiting a while before starting to shoot photo's, to prevent the bird from taking of at first camera sounds, the honey buzzard offered us a 4 minute-lasting period of shear top entertainment. An unbelievable experience.

Photo of the month May 2019: great kiskadee

Spring is in the air! This great kiskadee was over the moon when he saw a potential partner. The yellow crest was raised and the wings were shown to make a very, very positive first impression.


Photo of the month April 2019: hawfinch

Spring is in the air! This male hawfinch in fresh spring blossoms is the ultimate sign that we have left winter behind us.

Appelvink in lentebloesem

Photo of the month March 2019: snowcap

The photo of this month shows a male snowcap. The photo is taken during the round trip through Costa Rica that my wife and I made in February-March 2019. The exciting colors of this hummingbird and the fine structures of the verbena flowers, makes a beautiful combination.

February 2019: northern goshawk (Accipiter gentilis)

The photo of this month shows a mantling female northern goshawk. The size of this raptor in combination with the spread tail and wings makes it an impressive appearance.

Havik vrouw mantelend

January 2019: dipper (Cinclus cinclus cinclus)

The photo of this month shows a dipper, a rare visitor in The Netherlands. This dipper was present in the eastern part of The Netherlands during a few days in early 2019. It was quiet a long wait to get nice light for photography. But it was worth the while to wait. Only a few positions near the dam were fit for the purpose to get a clear background and light on the dipper. Only one moment gave the opportunity to make the photo I had in mind.

Dipper near Warnsveld